In-Dash USB/CD Receiver - Made For iPhone


USB Connectivity for iPhone, iPod and compatible USB mass storage devices – Most USB-enabled CD receiver models, feature USB connectivity for audio playback from popular devices like iPhone and iPod. Featuring easy-to-use user interface, iPod browsing is a breeze when searching by playlist, artist, album, song, genres or composer. Additionally, you can use advanced search functions like Reverse Browsing, Alphabet Search and Skip Search to find what you want to listen to, quickly and easily. For added versatility, App/iPod Mode disables the receiver's integrated control, enabling passengers to control the iPod manually including some selected Apps. The same USB connectivity allows users to connect USB thumb drives and external hard disk drives.

Check for iPhone-iPod compatibility at


Pandora Connectivity for iPhone - Install the Pandora App on the iPhone and enjoy a personalized listening experience. 

A number of Pandora functions can be controlled from a Pandora-enabled Kenwood receiver when an iPhone is connected through USB.  Functions include Thumbs up & down, Bookmark Artist, Bookmark Song, A to Z search and Alphabetical channel search.  Pandora allows users to maximize the internet radio experience in your car by customizing all of your favourite artists for a rich musical experience.

Pandora application requires a data connection on your iPhone with service currently only available in the U.S.


Kenwood Music Control for Android Smartphones - This Kenwood application organizes your music and provides quick and easy search capability from a compatible Kenwood USB/CD receiver such as by artist, song or genre. Additional function also lets you select music based on your mood.

This free Kenwood App can now be downloaded from the Android Market:

Kenwood Music Control App for Android


Front USB and AUX Input - Easy front panel connection for your compatible USB-enabled devices.  These include iPhone and iPod devices as well as compatible Mass Storage Class devices like smartphones, USB thumb drives and portable hard drives.  This USB input will allow you to charge and control the music playback on your connected device.

Check for compatibility and digital audio file specs at

A convenient 3.5 mm stereo input jack is also available for any audio device with a headphone jack or other type of AUX output.

FL Display - The bright 1-line display makes it easy to see the text information when navigating the menu, your iPod or music content.   
 Variable Color Illumination – This allows the user to match the Kenwood unit’s illumination with the vehicle dashboard lights from the wide pallet of available colors.

Single Pre-out with Low-Pass Filter - A low-pass filter allows the outgoing signal to a connected amplifier to filter out midrange and high frequencies. This is useful for amplifiers powering subwoofers as it keeps damaging mid and high frequencies from being amplified and passed through to a speaker designed to handle only low frequencies.

 Remote Control - This wireless remote control easily control volume levels, switch music sources or select your favorite tracks with the numeric access keys. 
Back Panel View



General Features
-  Built-in-
-  Voice Dialing-
-  A2DP Support-
-  Pandora Link Support-
-  aha Radio App Control-
-  iHeart Radio App Control-
-  SMS Support-
-  Built-in Microphone-
-  External Wired Microphone-
Yes (Requires KCA-iP102)
-  iPod USB 1Wire ConnectionYes
-  Pandora App ControlYes (Requires iPhone with Pandora App)
-  App ModeYes (Requires Compatible iPhone/iPod App)
-  iPod Control by HandYes
-  Reverse BrowsingYes
Yes (Requires KCA-iP102)
-  Skip SearchYes
-  Related Search-
-  High Speed Search-
-  All RandomYes
-  Album Art Browsing-
-  iPod EQ Mode (FLAT)Yes
Front USB Input
-  USB Mounting Kit Included-
-  Microsoft Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)-
HD Radio-
-  Digital and Analog FM Tuner-
-  Digital and Analog AM Tuner-
-  iTunes Tagging-
-  Song And Title Information-
-  Supported File FormatsWMA / MP3
-  24-Bit Digital-Analog ConverterYes
-  0-Bit Mute CircuitYes
-  AM/FMYes
-  RBDS-
-  Radio TEXT Plus-
AUX InputsFront AUX Input
-  Tone Fader Bass / Tre / MidYes
-  EQ
  -  System Q-EX-
  -  System QYes
  -  Graphic Equalizer-
  -  Parametric Equalizer-
  -  Bass BoostYes
-  CrossoverLow-Pass Filter
-  DSP
  -  Digital Time Alignment-
  -  Sound Management System-
  -  DSP Bass Boost-
  -  iPod EQ Select Mode-
-  SupremeSupreme
Pre-out1Pre 2.5V @ 600Ω
Audio / Video Output-
Sub Woofer Reference Control InterfaceYes
Built-in Amp Cut Off-
Dual Zone (Front / Rear Switchable)-
External Media Control
-  SiriusXM -
-  Sirius Control-
-  XM Control-
-  HD Radio Control-
-  iPod I/F Control-
-  Bluetooth Control-
-  Changer Control-
External Interface
-  Marine Remote Control Interface-
-  Parking Brake Sensor-
Remote ControlIncluded
Conformal Coated PCB-
-  Digital Tuner
  -  Digital FM
    -  Digital FM Frequency Range-
    -  Digital FM Frequency Response-
    -  Digital FM Signal/Noise-
    -  Digital AM
      -  Digital AM Frequency Range-
      -  Digital AM Frequency Response-
      -  Digital AM Signal/Noise-
      -  Analog Tuner
        -  FM
          -  FM Frequency Range87.9MHz - 107.9MHz
          -  FM Frequency Step(200kHz)
          -  FM Usable Sensitivity11.2dBf
          -  FM Quiet Sensitivity19.2dBf
          -  FM Frequency Response (±3.0dB)30Hz-15kHz
          -  FM Signal/Noise63dB(MONO)
          -  FM Selectivity-
          -  FM Stereo Separation-
          -  AM
            -  AM Frequency Range530kHz-1700kHz
            -  AM Frequency Step(10kHz)
            -  AM Usable Sensitivity31dBμ (36μv)
-  Digital Filter(D/A)8 Times OverSampling
-  D/A Converter24 Bit
-  Frequency Response20-20kHz(±1dB)
-  Total Harmonic Distortion0.01%(1kHz)
-  Signal/Noise Ratio (dB)105dB(1kHz)
-  Dynamic Range90dB
-  MP3 DecodeCompliant with MPEG-1/2 Audio Layer-3
-  WMA DecodeCompliant with Windows Media Audio
-  AAC Decode-
-  WAV Decode-
-  CompatibilityUSB 1.1 & 2.0 Full Speed
-  File SystemFAT16/32
-  Maximum Supply Current1000mA
-  DecodeMP3/WMA
Preout Level(mV)/Load - Unbalanced2500mV/10kΩ(CD/CD-CH)
Preout Impedance(Ω)Under 600Ω
Speaker Impedance(Ω)4-8Ω
-  Full Bandwidth Power22Wx4
-  Version-
-  Maximum Range-
-  Profiles
-  Band1-
-  Band2-
-  Band3-
-  Band4-
-  Band5-
-  Band6-
-  Band7-
-  Band8-
-  Band9-
-  Band10-
-  Band11-
-  Band12-
-  Band13-
-  Operating Voltage14.4V (11 - 16 V allowable)
-  Maximum Current Consumption10A
-  Installation Size
  -  Width182(mm) 7-3/16(in)
  -  Height53(mm) 2-1/16(in)
  -  Depth158(mm) 6-1/4(in)
Visual Features
Firmware Updates-

Product NameDescriptionRelease DateFile DownloadFile Size {KB)
KDC-255UEnglish,French,Spanish2012View Download1209
KDC-255USpanish2012View Download426
KDC-255UEnglish, French, SpanishView Download1180
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*Product descriptions, specifications and features are subject to change without notice. For proper fit and compatibility check with your authorized Kenwood dealer.

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