Marine iPod/USB Receiver with IPX5 Protection

General Features
IPX5 Certification For Marine Environment
Transport-less Design
iPhone/iPod USB Direct Control
USB 2.0 Connection
Built-In Sirius DirectConnect interface
Full Dot White LCD Multi-Line Display *Rotary Encoder for Easy Operation
Key Illumination (Blue)
Dual Zone
FM/AM 24 Station Presets (18FM, 6AM)
Optional RC-107MR Display Remote (Can Connect Up To Three)
1-Year Warranty

Audio Features
Maximum Output Power : 50W x 4
4.0V 3 Preouts
Source Tone Memory
Rear AUX Input with Input Sensitivity Adjust

iPhone/iPod USB Direct Control
The KMR-700U receiver connects seamlessly with most iPods and the new iPhone 3G via the built-in USB Direct Cable. Features include:
Alphabet Search
Percentage Search
Skip Search
Reverse Browsing
All Random Playback
Supports Audio Content Including Content Purchased From iTunes With DRM
Supports Up To 12Mbps transfer speeds
Powers and Charges Compatible iPhone/iPods
Compatible models include:
iPhone 3G
iPod Classic
iPod Video (5th/6th Gen)
iPod Nano (1st/2nd/3rd Gen)
Must update iPhone/iPod using iTunes for the latest Apple firmware

USB Features
Internal USB 2.0 Input for thumb drives and compatible external HDD

Built-In Sirius DirectConnect
This interface makes it easier and less expensive to add a Sirius SC-C1C tuner or a SC-VDOC1 car dock cradle for your portable Sirius tuner.

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