Speaker Microphones with DSP Voice Enhancement Technology

Kenwood's DSP powered KMC-51M/52W speaker microphones utilize cutting-edge digital technology that eliminates unwanted sound more effectively in extremely noisy environments encountered by emergency crews and industrial workers.

The DSP signal analysis rapidly analyzes and adapts to extreme noise-types and level changes. This "voice enhancement" technology makes two-way voice calls that were previously unintelligible due to extreme noise, now distinctly discernable for critical communications.

Feature Highlights
Operates in Analog and Digital Modes
Noise-Cancel Active LED
Tactile PTT
Emergency Orange Recessed PF Key
Programmable Key
High/Low Volume Control
One-Touch Channel Access
360 degree Rotating Clip
MIL-STD C,D,E,F,G Certified
IP55/IP54 Certified
IP67, IP55/54 Certified (KMC-52W only)

Kenwood's Noise Canceling Microphone

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