VHF/UHF FM Portable Radios

Compact and sturdy, the new, rugged TK-2140/3140 portables from Kenwood fit snugly in your hand and ride lightly on your belt. These radios offer a choice of Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-Ion battery packs for various uses. You can operate the TK-2140/3140 in Trunked or Conventional Formats and add FleetSync™ Digital Messaging & Signaling for ultimate versatility in any type of business. Rugged, military standard construction meets the latest in handheld design; this portable is built to take on every weather or durability test you can throw at it. Once again, Kenwood sets a new standard for performance and reliability in a compact portable packed with features.

General Features
Trunked Format (LTR® Trunked & Conventional Systems)
10-Character Alphanumeric Alias
Flash Memory Advantage
Conventional Format (With Priority Scan)
12-Character Dot Matrix LCD
Full Range Of Security Features
DTMF Memory Capability
FleetSync™ Digital Messaging & Signaling
QT & DQT Coded Squelch
Compact And Sleek
Multiple Scan Functions
Backlighted Keys & LCD
Battery Status Indicator
KBH-12KBH-12Spring action belt clip
KBH-13DSKBH-13DSLeather swivel belt loop with portable D-Ring attachment
KBH-8DSKBH-8DSLeather swivel belt loop with portable D-Ring attachment
KBP-5KBP-5AA Alkaline Refillable Battery Pack (6 AA; 9V)
KHS-11KHS-112-Wire palm mic w/ earphone
KMB-23KMB-23Six Unit Charger Adapter
KMB-30MKMB-30MWall Mount Bracket
KMC-51M/52WKMC-51M/52WSpeaker Microphones with DSP Voice Enhancement Technology
KNB-25AKNB-25ANi-Cd Battery (1200 mAh)
KNB-26NKNB-26NNi-MH Battery (2000 mAh)
KNB-35LKNB-35LLi-Ion Battery (1950 mAh)
KNB-40LCKNB-40LCLi-Ion Battery (1950 mAh) Intrinsically Safe Option
KRA-14KRA-14VHF Helical Antenna
KRA-15KRA-15UHF Whip Antenna
KRA-16KRA-16VHF Stubby Antenna
KRA-17KRA-17UHF Stubby Antenna
KRA-22KRA-22VHF Low Profile Helical Antenna
KRA-23KRA-23UHF Low Profile Helical Antenna
KRA-26KRA-26VHF Helical Antenna
KSC-25KSC-25Rapid Rate Charger
KSC-256KKSC-256KRapid Rate Charger (6-unit)
KSC-30KSC-30Regular Rate Charger
KVC-3KVC-3Regular Rate DC Vehicular Charger Adapter
KVC-4KVC-4Rapid Rate DC Vehicular Charger Adapter
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Note: Kenwood USA Corporation is committed to a policy of constant improvements in features, quality and performance. To accomodate these improvements, all technical information and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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