VHF/UHF Trunking & Conventional Portables

The 2180-Series premium portable line strikes a perfect balance of specifications, features and cost in this broad base platform designed for the public safety, public service, government and private industrial sectors. The extra large capacity and Zone programming facilitate departmental, inter-agency interoperability, mutual aid and tactical channel organization. Inversion Scrambling and Encryption /ANI control permits first level to high level voice security and dispatch functions satisfying homeland security and confidentiality requirements. Emergency Call and Man-down for hazardous environment and corrections personnel is supported with FleetSync, MDC-1200/G-Star and DTMF ANI formats. The VGS-1 option offers a unique zone / channel voice guide for fire and rescue and a voicemail function for missed call recording. Full FleetSync® includes PTT ID, Caller ID and non-voice status and text messaging. FleetSync, DTMF or Two-Tone Selective Call provides built-in talkback paging capability.

General Features
Large channel capacity (max. 512)
Wide/narrow channels
5 watts output
Built-in scrambler
Large dot matrix LCD display; multi-language
"FleetSync" digital signalling and messaging
Emergency keys
GPS connection capable
Compatible with MPT1327 (with firmware upgrade)
Real-time clock for time stamping
Built-in VOX
Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh and Li-Ion battery options
Optional Voice Guide/Recorder (up to 300 seconds)/Auto-Reply VGS-1
Remote Stun, Revive

Other features
IP54/55 Environmental protection
Dual Priority scan
38 MHz coverage; 136 MHz-174 MHz
Optional Noise-cancelling speaker/mic KMC-25
7 programmable keys
PIN-code password protection
Option port; 26 pin connector
Companded audio
KBH-10KBH-10Spring Action Belt Clip
KBH-11KBH-11Spring action belt clip (2.5")
KHS-11KHS-112-Wire palm mic w/ earphone
KMB-23KMB-23Six Unit Charger Adapter
KMB-30MKMB-30MWall Mount Bracket
KMC-51M/52WKMC-51M/52WSpeaker Microphones with DSP Voice Enhancement Technology
KNB-31AKNB-31ANi-Cd Battery (1700 mAh)
KNB-32NKNB-32NNi-MH Battery (2500 mAh)
KNB-33LKNB-33LLi-Ion Battery (2000 mAh)
KNB-41NCKNB-41NCNi-MH Battery (2500 mAh) Intrinsically Safe Option
KRA-22KRA-22VHF Low Profile Helical Antenna
KRA-23KRA-23UHF Low Profile Helical Antenna
KRA-25KRA-25VHF Helically loaded whip antenna High Gain (148-162 MHz)
KRA-26KRA-26VHF Helical Antenna
KRA-27KRA-27UHF Whip Antenna
KRA-28KRA-28VHF helically loaded whip antenna Broad-band (140-170 MHz)
KSC-32KSC-32Tri-Chemistry Rapid Rate Charger
KVC-15KVC-15Rapid Rate DC Vehicular Charger Adapter
KVC-18KVC-18Vehicular D.C. Charger
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