2-DIN Multimedia DVD Receiver With Navigation

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 Garmin GPS Navigation System -  DNX models offer the world's leading GPS navigation system by Garmin with preloaded NAVTEQ® map data of the United States and Canada, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Choose from different intuitive map view options including split-screen AV control.
Lane Assist - The Lane Assist function guides you to the appropriate lane to be in for upcoming junctions and interchanges facilitating a safer navigation experience.
 Split Screen AV Control - The screen views, which can be easily toggled from one to another simply by touching the screen or appropriate button, can be changed to best suit specific needs.  For instance, Split Screen AV Control divides the screen into two with navigation on the left and a control window on the right with Picture-in-Picture displays the navigation and source screens simultaneously.
USB Connectivity for iPhone and iPod - All DNX models feature USB connectivty for audio/video playback from popular devices like iPhone and iPod when used with optional accessory cable.  Featuring an advanced graphic user interface, iPod browsing is done easily using Slide Touch to browse by album art, video titles, photographs, etc. from an iPhone or iPod. For added versatility, iPod control by Hand disables the receiver's integrated control, enabling passengers to control the iPod manually including some selected Apps.  The same USB connectivity allows users to connect USB thumb drives and external hard disk drives.
Pandora Connectivity - Pandora is an internet radio service that allows you to create radio stations based upon favorite artists and songs.  In short Pandora analyzes a song or artist using up to 400 distinct musical characteristics and then recommends songs and artists based upon your personal likes.  If the Pandora App is on your iPhone, simply connect to the DNX to enable touch-panel control of your personal Pandora stations.


General Features
6.1" WVGA
-  Resolution

1,152,000 Pixels

-  Mechanism-
256 Color Pallet
-  Dynamic Luminance Control-
-  Slide TouchYes
-  Multi-Lingual Display16
-  Picture-In-PictureYes
-  Display Skinsx 1
-  Customizable Favorite Sourcesx 3
-  Customizable Backgroundby USB
Optional (Requires KNA-NT100)
-  Voice GuidanceYes
-  Text to SpeechYes
-  Points of InterestOver 6 Million
-  Programmable Waypoints500
-  Graphical ResolutionWVGA
by USB
by USB
-  Powered By Parrot-
-  Siri Eyes Free-
-  Voice Dialing-
-  Pandora Link SupportYes (USA Only)
Yes (Requires KCA-iP202)
Yes (Requires KCA-iP202)
-  Audio/Video PlaybackYes (Requires KCA-iP202)
-  Album Art SearchYes (Requires KCA-iP202)
Yes (Requires KCA-iP202)
-  Pandora App Control-
-  App Mode-
-  Twin iPod Control-
Aha Radio-
-  Aha Radio for Android-
HD Radio-
-  Digital and Analog FM TunerKTC-HR300 (USA only)
-  Digital and Analog AM TunerKTC-HR300 (USA only)
-  iTunes TaggingKTC-HR300 (USA only)
-  Album Cover Artwork-
-  Song And Title InformationKTC-HR300 (USA only)
Rear USB Input
-  Mass Storage ClassYes (FAT16/FAT32)
-  USB Video File - MPEGMPEG 1, 2 & 4
-  USB Video File - OtherH.264 & WMV
-  Dolby Digital/DTS Decoding2.0
-  Disc Type (DVD)DVD-Video/Video CD/CD-DA
-  Disc Type (VCD)Yes
-  Disc Type (CD)CDDA
-  Advanced Speech Recognition-
-  2-ZoneYes
-  Digital Time Alignment-
-  EQ System3-Band
-  Crossover SystemHigh Pass & Low Pass Filters
x3 (F/R/SW) @ 2V
-  Preout Level(V)2.0 Volts
-  Audio Firmware Updatesby USB
Audio/Video Inputs/Outputs
x 1
-  Rear Camera Inputx 1
-  Rear View Camera Touch Control-
-  A/V Inputsx 1
-  A/V Outputsx 1
-  External Relay Switches-
Optional Accessories
-  ecoRoute HD-
-  Remote ControlOptional (KNA-RCDV331)
-  iPhone/iPod CableKCA-iP202
-  iDatalink-
-  Bluetooth Hands-FreeKCA-BT200 / KCA-BT300
6.1" WVGA
-  Position MethodGPS
-  AntennaExternal GPS
-  Full Bandwidth Power22Wx4
-  Preout Level(V)2.0 Volts
-  Preout Impedance(Ω)Under 600Ω
-  Speaker Impedance(Ω)4-8Ω
-  Technology-
-  Frequency-
-  Output Power-
-  Maximum Communication Range-
-  Profiles
  -  Multi Profile Support-
  -  SSP-
Rear USB Input
-  USB StandardUSB 2.0 High Speed
-  File SystemFAT16/32
-  Maximum Power Supply Current1A (5V)
-  USB D/A Converter24 Bit
-  USB Video DecoderMPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4
-  USB Audio DecoderMP3 / WMA / AAC / WAV
-  DVD D/A Converter24 Bit
-  DVD Audio DecoderLinear PCM / Dolby Digital / dts / MP3 / WMA / AAC / WAV
-  DVD Video DecoderMPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4
-  Wow & FlutterBelow Measurable Limit
-  Frequency Response
Sampling frequency 96 kHz: 20 - 22,000 Hz
Sampling frequency 48 kHz: 20 - 22,000 Hz
Sampling frequency 44.1 kHz: 20 - 20,000 Hz
-  Total Harmonic Distortion0.01%(1kHz)
-  Signal to Noise Ratio98 dB (DVD-Video 96 kHz)
-  Dynamic Range98 dB (DVD-Video 96 kHz)
-  Disc Type (DVD)DVD-Video/Video CD/CD-DA
-  Disc Type (VCD)Yes
-  Disc Type (CD)CDDA
-  Sampling Frequency44.1 / 48 / 96 kHz
-  Quantifying Bit Number16 / 20 / 24 bit
-  FM
  -  FM Frequency Range87.9MHz - 107.9MHz
  -  FM Usable Sensitivity9.3dBf
  -  FM Quiet Sensitivity15.2dBf
  -  FM Frequency Response (±3.0dB)30Hz-15kHz
  -  FM Signal/Noise70dB(MONO)
  -  FM Stereo Separation40dB(1kHz)
  -  AM
    -  AM Frequency Range530kHz-1700kHz
    -  AM Usable Sensitivity28dBμ (25μv)
-  Operating Voltage14.4V (10.5 - 16 V allowable)
-  Maximum Current Consumption15A
-  Installation Dimensions (W x H x D)182 x 112 x 159.3mm (7-2/16 x 4-6/16 x 6-4/16 inch)
-  Operational Temperature Range-10°C - +60°C
-  Storage Temperature Range-20°C - +85°C
-  Weight2.0 kg (4.3 lbs)
Visual Features
Picture in Picture, Split Screen and Primary/Secondary Screen Views
Pandora Internet Radio Interface
iPod/iPhone Control


Firmware Updates

2011 Navigation/Multimedia Receiver Firmware updater:


2011 Garmin Navigation Software Updater Website:


DownloadFile TypeDescriptionRelease Date
DownloadOwner's Manualsdnx7180 (pdf)Apr 14, 2011
DownloadOwner's ManualsQuick Start GuideApr 14, 2011
DownloadOwner's ManualsGPS Navigation Instruction ManualApr 14, 2011
DownloadOwner's ManualsQuick Start GuideApr 14, 2011
Product NameDescriptionRelease DateFile DownloadFile Size {KB)
DNX5180EnglishView Download2923
DNX5180SpanishView Download3130
DNX5180FrenchView Download3160
DNX5180PortugalView Download3119
DNX5180English, French, SpanishView Download2112
DNX5180Portugal(Quick Start Guide)View Download1566
DNX5180French(Quick Start Guide)View Download1576
DNX5180Spanish(Quick Start Guide)View Download1566
DNX5180English(Quick Start Guide)View Download1562
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