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*Following Memory Control Programs are released for USA market only.
Software (Data file extension)DownloadNotes
TM-G707A (USA model)MCP-G707PG-4S (programming cable for the TM-V7A/G707A) is only available in USA market.
TM-V7A (USA model)MCP-V7
TH-G71A (USA model)MCP-G71PG-4P (programming cable for the TH-G71A) is no longer available but PG-4Y can be used instead.
RCP-570 (USA model)RCP-570Radio Control Software Self extracting installation file, no floppies required.
The MCP-2A cannot read data from nor write data to above transceivers directly.
DTMF memory or other menu data is not retrieved from above data files to the MCP-2A.
(The MCP-2A retrieves only memory channel frequency data)


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